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Matchbook Distilling, Some Night In Autumn Rum

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Matchbook Distilling, Some Night In Autumn Rum 750ml

Some Night in Autumn is, in many ways, kind of a mile marker for us out here at Matchbook.  One of our earlier Drop Shop offerings, from a time a couple years ago when the world was on pause and our business model was evolving, as with the world.  We were doing alot of experimenting back then, sunchokes and pineapples, gourds and grapes.  On a lark Leslie procured a turkey from our neighbor and dear friend, and as we were maybe also drinking a bit of mezcal those days fall smoke and crisp breath led to inspiration. 
Our first Some Night release was in a half bottle, with a lovely if hastily acquired label.  Rum is in our distilling DNA (our water minerality is formed after Jamaica's Blue Mountain River) and we have since released a few more.  As a part of an effort to make sense of our many constant offerings, we went ahead a collated our rum bottlings, gussied up their covers.
The world has turned a few times and our story has evolved.  Just as delicoius as ever and available again on the Drop Shop in a smart new outfit, the same old dunder rum distilled in a Pechuga style.
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