McCarthy’s 6-year old Peated Single Malt Whiskey Oregon

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McCarthy’s 6-year old Peated Single Malt Whiskey Oregon 750ml

Clear Creek Distillery's McCarthy's Single Malt is one of the original pioneers in the nascent American Single Malt scene, having debuted in 1996, long before "craft whiskey" was a term with any meaning to anyone. For years, the standard 3 year bottling was the only option, and many longtime fans have clamored for a longer aged release. Finally Clear Creek caved and has graced us with this 6 year limited edition, bottled at the higher 50% abv to the original's 42.5%. Using peated barley grown in Scotland, the expectation may initially be that it will simply be a pale imitation of Islay whisky, but the peat is much more tempered than an Islay peat bomb, and the aging in Oregon oak lends a distinct and robust spice that makes this decidedly more Oregon than Scotland. 

At first, the nose is full of smoke, before landing on candied sugar and dried fruits. The candied sugar continues on the palate with a touch of cinnamon and mulling spices. It finishes with tobacco and brown sugar flavors on the finish.



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