Mezcal Legendario Domingo Ensamble

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Mezcal legendario Domingo Ensamble

750ml 47.60% alc/vol


Pie de la Meza

Michoacán is a land wrapped in mystery and where things become infinite. There, the history and customs are encapsulated in a mezcal that delights us with each drink.


Magueyes: wild ash and high

Elaboration process: traditional as in the region, conical furnace under ground with dry pine wood, grinding with mechanical harrowing, fermented outdoors in steel tanks at floor level, double distillation in Filipino still, copper saucepan with wood montera.

Tasting Notes: Acetones, nuts such as hazelnuts and toasted peanuts, almonds and pine, green apples and ripe pineapple. Smoked subtle and elegant. When passing, a warm body, constant and pleasant acidity that generates a balance.

Production family : Familia Pérez


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