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Tasting Notes: Sweet, Fruity (pear, apple), Smoked, Herbs (mint, peppermint), Wet earth and Wood.

Smell in the Mouth: Initially, it reveals its production process in an artisanal way with oak firewood. Afterwards, sweet and fruity notes of the sprat agave are felt. Earthy, herbal and citrus notes of the cirial agave are also perceived.

Tasting Summary: Pear, Apple, Smoked, Espadín and Cirial Agave and Herbs

40% alc 

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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Armando Delgado on Apr 18th 2019

    Very good

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    ask your tequila provider about round-up

    Posted by connie cloyed on Jan 19th 2018

    this mezcal is made in cooperation by agave farmers, mezcal makers, and big city marketers. they each have their own responsibilities and profits on this amazingly priced agave product. one of the things i know about this product is that they DO NOT USE round-up on any of their agave. this is certainly not true of most of the tequila manufacturers (note i did not use the term growers); nor is it true of the largest and most commercial of the mezcal makers. this product is not only fairly made, but delicious with the subtle smoky flavor for which mezcal is known. i discovered this product during a recent trip to oaxaca and was able to visit their palenque and see how their product is produced. an amazing traditional craft available to us because of old town tequila's selection. thank you, old town tequila, for bringing us the best!

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