Mezonte Teodoro Garcia Oaxaca Bicuixe & Espadin

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Mezonte Mezcal Oaxaca by Teodoro Garcia 750ml

From Mezonte "We got to know Teodoro's mezcal in a random way, through his daughter Adriana, who gave us a taste of the distillate on some occasion when the family was going through difficult times. After tasting their mezcal, we decided to support them and create a strong alliance with the Garcias. Teodoro has always distilled his mezcal modestly, without pretensions, although with passion, knowing that his work is the way to raise his family. Initially, it distilled in a rented palenque, but lately it is working on the construction of its own production space. He works mainly with Bicuixe, Madre Cuixe and Espadín. The Agave karwinskii, the variety in which Teodoro is a specialist, can take up to 17 years of maturation to be harvested. Its flavor reminds us why we all fell in love with mezcals made in Oaxaca."


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