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Mount Gay

Mount Gay Origin Series The Copper Stills Vol 2 Limited Edition Small Batch Rums 2 x 375ml

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Mount Gay Origin Series The Copper Stills Vol 2 Limited Edition Small Batch Rums 2 x 375ml

From Master Blender Allen Smith, Origin Series is a limited edition release of small-batch rums, handcrafted to demonstrate how every aspect of rum craft contributes to Mount Gray's signature aroma and flavour. Volume Two presents a pair of rums, differentiated by distillation, yet identical in all other aspects. Written in this Volume, these distillates tell the unique tale of each still that created them, providing the iniber with a glimpse into the origins of our centuries-old Bajan Traditions.

Copper Column: Smooth and balanced, our Copper Column Rum is a mellow and delicate expression of the classic Mount Gay aromas of banana and almond. Crafted in our continuous Coffey Still, this rum is settling into maturity after aging in toasted oak. Light-bodied and warm on the palate, with a character that strikes a balance between sweet and bitter, its short, crisp finish is highlighted by floral and sweet fruit notes. 

Copper Pot: Born from the most traditional of distillation techniques, our Copper Pot Rum is acquainted twice with its namesake still. Long rested in oak barrels, it is a rum only just arriving at maturity. This spirit maintains a touch of untamed character and presents the nose with a vinous, complex interpretation of the robust Mount Gay character. Complex, interwoven notes of chocolate, coconut and almonds linger for a sustained finish. 

This set contains: 

1 x 375ml Copper Pot Rum

1 x 375ml Copper Column Rum 

43% alc 

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