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Neta Tequilana Capón Agave Spirtis

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Neta Tequilana Capón Agave Spirtis  750ml

On a stretch of red earth located between Logoche and Miahuatlán. Ramón and Wilfrido’s uncle, Eduardo, has been growing naturally fertilized and immaculately cared for agave for decades. Until the shutdowns that came with the pandemic of 2020, nearly all of these agaves were contractually bound for Jalisco, where his Tequilana plants made their way into anonymous Tequila productions. With this loss of business, their Tío Lalo began to offer up this maguey to his nephews, who in turn have begun to use it in the crafting of their spirits.

The flavors of the distilled spirit are quite interesting and can serve as a wonderful teaching tool. The base is entirely Logoche in its profile, but the strength of the Tequilana agave flavors shine through in beautiful form. As such, these Tequilana batches can help clarify the very specific regional qualities of Logocheño terruño through the more familiar and identifiable flavors of the agave. This 415L batch was crafted by brothers Ramón and Wilfrido García Sánchez in April 2021 and was composed using a mix of heads, hearts, and high-proof tails.

 Maguey(es): Tequilana (Agave tequilana)

Provenance of the maguey: Grown by their uncle, Eduardo

 Producer: Ramón and Wilfrido García Sánchez

Rest time after harvest: 5 days

Oven: Conical earthen pit; six with mesquite wood

Distillation: 2x in copper pot stills

 Final composition: Heads, hearts, and tails


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