Notaris Bartender's Choice Rome Schiedam Maltwine Genever

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Notaris Bartender's Choice Rome Schiedam Maltwine Genever 

Herman Jansen is a seventh-generation, family-owned distillery located in Schiedam, Netherlands. Established in 1777, the family has built a business based on honesty, quality craftsmanship, and an open approach to collaborations. Successive generations possess innovative characteristics leading to the honorable mention by World Spirits Awards Austria for Distillery of the Year and the prestigious title of World Class Distillery in 2012.

Due to Genever laws, Herman Jansen has two distillers onsite; one solely for Genever named Branderig De Tweelingh. The distilleries operate under the supervision of Master Distiller Ad van der Lee, two product developers, and three beverage makers with over two hundred years of experience.

In 1902, the 4th generation of Herman Jansen initiated the Schiedam malt spirit regulations to protect the 100% malt spirit style. The municipality seal of Schiedam represents a certificate of authenticity with the guarantee the distilled product is made of malt spirit in accordance with regulated methods. Currently, the 6th generation of Herman Jansen is working to bring these regulations into the future, adjusted to the new standards, techniques, and environmental values. In 1987, Notaris was created and stands as one of three Genevers to carry this municipal seal of Schiedam today.

Out of the cask warehouse of the Notaris Distillery “De Tweelingh” The Jerry Thomas Project selected their favorite casks to make their own Notaris Bartenders choice blend, representing Rome. The Notaris bartender’s choice Rome is a delightful combination of 10yrs old Notaris Maltspirit Genever together with a 15yrs old Notaris Maltspirit Genever combined with a unique Rye distillation, all produced at Herman Jansen Distillery in Branderij “De Tweelingh”.

47% alc 

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