Origen Raiz

Origen Raiz Arroqueno Mezcal

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Origen Raiz Arroqueno Mezcal 750ml

These are a series of expressions made by Don Valentin Cortes at his home palenque in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca where his family is from. Each batch will be decided by Don Vale based on his inspiration.

MAESTRO :Don Valentin Cortés


MAGUEY (AGAVE) Arroqueño (A. Americana var. Oaxacensis)

VILLAGE :Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca

OVEN / FUEL :Conical earthen pit / black oak

MILL :Tahona

FERMENT :Wild fermented in pine vats (with bagasso)

DISTILLATION 2x in 300 liter alembic of copper (with bagasso)

NOTES: Aroma - toasted cedar, raspberry shrub, november rain

Taste - charred green beans, tarragon, agave
Texture - bold, numbing, spicy oils, long finish
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