Red Siren 2020 Zinfandel Wine

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Red Siren 2020 Zinfandel Wine 750ml

Winemaking: One of the most difficult wines to make is red zinfandel, yet it is one of the most rewarding. Much like rearing a child, zinfandel making comes with tears of pain and tears of joy. This cultivar is notorious for hiding sugar; for thin skins that are easily damaged by the elements and for bad behavior during the winemaking process. However, skillful and deliberate parenting of the process can yield a wine that return many gratifying moments.  

The Lodi wine region has long been lauded for its historically old zinfandel vineyards producing big, jammy wines. It is also a hot bed for world class Petite Sirah. Blending the two in the right proportions show how the two can truly work in concert to make an extraordinary wine. American oak barrels to age zinfandel and French oak to age Petite Sirah adds further complexity.

Composition: 88% Zinfandel / 12% Petite Sirah


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