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Refine Cosmopolitan all Natural Mixers

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  • Refine Cosmopolitan all Natural Mixers
  • Refine Cosmopolitan all Natural Mixers
  • Refine Cosmopolitan all Natural Mixers


Our sexy Cosmopolitan Mix is the perfect blend of cranberry and lime. Live vicariously through your martini glass – add vodka, sip slowly, and put some sass in your step!2 parts refine™

Cosmopolitan Mix
1 part vodka
Garnish with lime wedge

At refine™ mixers, we take pride in being innovative and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we created the first all-natural, sugar-free and zero-calorie cocktail mixers for people like us! Say good-bye to the boring days of diet tonic and club soda. Forget your worries about high fructose corn syrup, sugar and artificial ingredients. Instead, say hello to refine™ – refreshingly great taste and a new way to enjoy your favorite cocktails!

  • While many cocktails contain 300-500 calories, a refine™ cocktail contains roughly 100 calories – all calories coming from alcohol.
  • While many mixers contain high fructose corn syrup or sugar, refine™ mixers are made with stevia – an all-natural and zero calorie herbal sweetener.

Think about this the next time you crave your favorite cocktail!

Naturally Sweet

Zero calories and all-natural, refine™ mixers are the first cocktail mixers to incorporate stevia and its unique consumer benefits. Stevia, the first ever FDA-approved all-natural, zero calorie sweetener, is a plant native to South America that has been used as an herbal sweetener for hundreds of years. Our favorite part? Stevia contains zero calories and has zero impact on blood glucose levels, offering cocktail enthusiasts a new way to drink responsibly.

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