Ron Libertad

Ron Libertad Dorado Rum

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Ron Libertad Dorado Rum 750ml

The Ron Libertad rum family is made in Mexico, in the mountains of Chiapas, where people are well aware of the concept of fighting for freedom. The drink is made in a community project run by eight families with the aim of commemorating their ancestors who dedicated their lives to the fight for democracy, freedom, peace and justice. Its aroma world is unique because three different types of sugar cane are grown in the Chiapas Valley ( Criolla, Vetada, Morada) and all three varieties are used in the production of rum, mixed in the right proportion. After distillation, the Dorado edition is matured. Ron Libertad rums are distributed by the Dr. Sours distribution company, one of whose main goals is to make Mexican spirits known worldwide, as well as the manufacturer of Mexico's first cocktail bitters. 


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