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San Matias 135 Years Anniversary Blend Añejo Tequila

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San Matias 135 Years Anniversary Blend Añejo Tequila 

Join Casa San Matias in their joyous celebration of 135 years of history and dedication to the world of tequila. In honor of this momentous occasion, they present their very first blended tequila, a masterpiece that pays tribute to the passion and commitment of all those who have contributed to the tequila legacy.

This extraordinary ultra-premium blend brings together the finest tequilas from their collection, including Orgullo Anejo, Rey Sol Extra Anejo, Tahona Anejo, Gran Reserva Extra Anejo, and Pueblo Vieio Anejo. The result is a remarkable and unique flavor experience that promises to enchant the senses like no other.

To make this anniversary edition even more exceptional, the bottle is adorned with 135 European crystals, carefully placed in the highlands of Jalisco, each representing a cherished year of the distillery's remarkable journey. This symbolic gesture adds an extra layer of significance to this special blend, embodying the years of dedication and excellence that have shaped Casa San Matias.

Celebrate with Casa San Matias and savor the culmination of 135 years of passion, craftsmanship, and artistry with this exquisite blended tequila. A true testament to the rich legacy of tequila-making, this exceptional release is a tribute to the past, a celebration of the present, and an inspiration for the future. Cheers to Casa San Matias and their remarkable journey!

San Matias Anniversary Blend Añejo Tequila


40% alc

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