Sangre de Vida Corazon Reposado 110 Proof tequila

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Sangre de Vida Corazon Reposado 110 Proof tequila 

size 750ml  55%ABV (110 Proof)

This 110 proof reposado is excellent. The entry and the finish are fantastic, beginning with fresh sweetness and resolving to a lingering warmth. The lithesome flavors and the alcohol proof of the tequila is mystifying in its precarious balance between delicious flavors and over-proof tequila.
AROMA: Fruity, sweet mild agave and caramel.
TASTE: Pleasant, sweet agave, citrus, pepper and oak pushed by snappy, crisp, clean alcohol.
BODY: Sapid, warming, medium weight that seems that it is because of the proof.

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