Santanera Organic Tequila Blanco Batch-Titan

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Santanera Organic Tequila Blanco Batch-Titan  750ml

The unique, organic paddock in which the agave for Batch Titan was grown was dubbed ‘Terroir La Parota’ ages ago—in theory, a reference to the wide, distinctive parota tree which once grew prolifically across central Mexico. Sitting around 4500 feet above sea level, Terroir La Parota is in the center of the greater Amatitán region—the heart of Jalisco’s lowlands and the original capital of tequila production from the 17th to the 19th centuries. The soil, rich in iron and other distinctive minerals, was fertilized with a high potassium and phosphorous compost, increasing the sweetness and botanical complexity of the agave grown here.

Harvested by hand at full maturity—in this case, a minimum age of six years—this batch was produced nearby in the town of Amatitán itself, at the Tres Mujeres fabrica. Steam-cooked, then fermented using only ambient yeast, the final spirit is a blend of tequilas distilled two and three times. The aromatics lead with a distinctly floral and botanical vibe, full of lemon peel, menthol, lawnmower clippings, and white pepper; it then leads into a crisp palate of epazote, honeycomb, jasmine, a hint of vanilla bean, apricot, wild cherry, and pomegranate. We recommend buying two bottles: one to enjoy now, and one to save and share in ten years.



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