Senor Artesano Reposado Mariachi Tequila

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Senor Artesano Reposado Mariachi Tequila 750ml  40%Alc/Vol  

Those are so cute and well-made.

You will receive 1 of 3 different Mariachi band players, select from the three options subject to stock.

Please note regarding possible  leaks for any ceramic figure bottles , the value here is the ceramic or clays bottle art  not the tequila juice inside you not buying those so to drink as normal bottle everyday  so please do not order if you the type of buyer worry about tiny leaks Even its unlikely . We do pack very well but there is no way any one know during the shipping and transportation could happen or not. If it leaks just unwrap and will dry fast.

In meantime let us know so we will report to the maker to improve there productions all those are handmade.


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