Sunora Blanco Bacanora 750 Ml

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Sunora Bacanora 750Ml

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2 Reviews

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    Harsh - Not my favorite

    Posted by Jim on Oct 16th 2019

    This isn’t a very good Bacanora. I’m new to the spirit but it’s obvious that this doesn’t come close to Aguamiel or my favorite blanco, Santo Scuviso. If you are new to Bacanora like me, Inthink that Sunora is a bad Bacanora to try because the others taste soooo much better and you know what they say about first impressions! I won’t buy this again but gimme that good stuff cabrone!

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    Sunora Blanco Bacanora

    Posted by Tobin Davis on Feb 6th 2019

    Being a big fan of tequila and developing a better appreciation of mescal I have treated my senses to several of the more exotic agave spirits, which led me to trying Sunora Blanco Bacanora. What a difference! The first thing you notice about Sunora is the aroma,.... FROM THE SECOND YOU OPEN THE BOTTLE! Forget about sniffing your snifter, this scent gets right into your olfactory sensors when you take the cap off the bottle! Great smokey mesquite scent with a hint of agave and citrus. The taste will bring mescal to mind because of the smokiness, but you also get an equally pungent agave flavor. The aftertaste is this surprising citrus, mint, mineral flavor that (I kid you not,) lasts for hours. The bottle is a work of art, stubby and flask-like with agave spikes all round, and Sunora's website features many delicious cocktail recipes. The price point is a HUGE plus for a drink of this quality; triple distilled and coming in over 80 proof. Utterly delightful! I would recommend to anyone who loves tequila to give their taste buds a real shock and try a bottle of Sunora Blanco Bacanora. A tu muy buena salud!

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