Svol Swedish Style Aquavit 750ml

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Svol Swedish Style Aquavit 750ml

Fresh Dill, Caraway, Fennel 

This Swedish-Style aquavit delivers on journey through the varied regional traditions of Scandinavia's beloved spirit. The Svöl range pays homage to the spirit of Viking exploration and aquavit's centuries of history, while also drawing from modern distillation advancements. 

This Swedish-Style aquavit delivers a complex, dill-forward profile that's perfect in refreshing cocktail experiments. Every botanical was selected and sourced by Gunnar Gíslason, owner of Dill Restaurant in Reykjavik, and Jonas Andersen, Beverage Manager of MeyersUSA. The distillation and botanical extraction techniques were developed in partnership with Allen Katz at New York Distilling Co in Brooklyn, NY, where Svöl is made.

40% alc 

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