Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday Blanco Tequila Pinata Edition

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Taco Tuesday Blanco Tequila Pinata Edition 750ml

What better way to celebrate an occasion than with a Piñata! Our Piñata edition of Taco Tuesday is unique, bright, and colorful. Our carefully crafted, handmade, painted ceramic bottle contains a delightful concoction of 100% de agave blanco Tequila. This high-quality spirit is not only Kosher but also Gluten-free. 

You can enjoy the rich flavor of this tequila by blending it into your favorite margarita or cocktail, or simply savor it neat with a leisurely sip.

Taco Tuesday embraces the fun and lighthearted side of tequila, making it perfect for any occasion or celebration, even if it happens to fall on a day other than Tuesday!

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