Terralta Blanco Tequila

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Terralta Blanco Tequila

750ML    80 PROOF

Handpicked mature agave plants with the correct amount of brix’s levels that are shaved by jimadors that even take out the stem from the male agave plant that could add bitterness to the Tequila. Same natural yeast that his grandfather used to used 80 plus years ago, (today many tequilas use synthetic yeast in order to get a larger yield) we don’t like adding anything that is not natural or could change its natural flavor or aromas. Deep earth well water 140 meters or 459 feet with almost viscosity most feel even in the Blanco to the final product. Custom made Stone oven that cooks and steams and cleans the agave from top to bottom so you don’t get under cooked agave. 

19,000 Thousand pound Steam roller that Felipe has converted in to a Mechanical Tahona that gently crushes the agave without breaking fibers that also cause bitterness. Custom Copper stills that are cleaned by distilling water and steam before every batch.
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4 Reviews

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    Nom 1579 Excellence

    Posted by Paul K. Hoffman on Apr 24th 2021

    Blanco Tequila at its Best. Terralta is the result of using the finest blue agave, incredible deep well water, and then using labor/time intensive processing in cooking/distillation. Beautiful agave forward sweet taste that will not disappoint.

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    Terralta Blanco

    Posted by Mark on Sep 25th 2019

    One of the best blancos I've had. Made with finesse, no additives. Agave fruit and soil. You can almost taste the tahona. Excellent.

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    A Pure Tasting Blanco

    Posted by Jerry on Apr 3rd 2018

    I really like this Blanco, but it is not for everyone. I'll start by saying it is very earthy. Hints of mushroom with a extremely clean taste. Very smooth. If you love to sip Blanco's neat,this is a must try. It is one of a kind.

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    An amazing new blanco from the mind of Felipe Camarena

    Posted by John Welch on Dec 7th 2016

    Just now being imported into the US, Terralta Tequila blanco from NOM 1579 is the latest brilliance in a bottle from Ing. Felipe Camarena. Señor Camarena is a third generation tequila producer and master distiller that has been honing his craft at his distillery El Pandillo in the Jalisco Highlands near Jesus Maria for several years and the efforts are paying off in a huge way.

    This product is made from Blue Weber agave harvested at the peak of ripeness which in the area of Jesus Maria can take as long as 10 years. The secret in the El Pandillo products is the water from the site as there are several sources used including rain water and in this case deep well water (over 400 feet down) that adds a complex mineral element that is missing from many other blancos on the market. In combination with the roast agave and citrus notes on the nose and the palate, this is a great sipping tequila that has a little bit more from the well water.

    As he has proven with G4, Pasote, ArteNOM 1579 and now Tequila Terralta, Señor Camarena has mastered the art of blending the water, the fermentation and the distillation of the agave into a world class blanco tequila that should please any aficionado or regular tequila sipper. Highly recommended.

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