The 4th Rabbit Karoo Agave Spirit

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An agave spirit from South Africa!

The 4th Rabbit Karoo Agave Spirit distiller notes:

The production of 4th Rabbit follows a traditional mezcal-making process that knows no short cuts.

The Agave plants are harvested by hand in the Karoo to extract the ‘pina’ or heart of the plant. In a traditional stone-lined pit, a fire is lit and left to burn out to heat the stones. The pinas, quartered, are then placed inside and covered with leaves and earth to slow cook for 7 – 12 days to extract the sugars. The cooked Agave is then fermented in wooden fermenting Vats (not stainless steel) prior to small batch copper pot still distillation.


Apple and pear eau de vie, lingering smoke, floral honey.


Velvet smooth. Honey and citrus. Gentle smoke weaves its way through soft agave and a touch of earthy spice.


Smoke and honey lingers making for a delectable long finish.


43% alc

Product of South Africa

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    The 4th Rabbit Karoo Agave Spirit

    Posted by TOBIN DAVIS on Jul 8th 2020

    Pour your friends a shot of 4th Rabbit and have them guess.
    This is a fine mezcal from Oaxaca!
    This is a great mezcal from Guerrero.
    Wrong again!
    This interesting agave spirit is not even from Mexico! It is from the Great Karoo region of South Africa, just below the Kalahari and just above,.... well, the Little Karoo. Where else!
    Clear as rain water, it has a lovely smoke scent, but not like mesquite or oak.
    Taste is amazing. Lots of smoke, but it is different because dried grape vines are used instead of wood when cooking the agave hearts! Minty, earthy flavor gives way to a nice spicy finish with a smack of leather, of all things.
    This in NOT a fluke. England imported thousands of agave plants to combat soil erosion in the South African cape. Those agaves are thriving now, and if 4th Rabbit is any indication, I believe South African wine producers have some competition on there hands!
    I can honestly say that this is the best agave spirit I have ever tastes,.... that came out of Africa.

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