Timberline Vodka

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Timberline Vodka  750nl

Distilled from a unique blend of grain, Pacific Northwest apples, and glacier-fed spring water from Mt. Hood, this vodka has been realized perfectly with the expertise of our distillation team who bring their depth of knowledge, talent and skills to create a product that naturally lives up to the vision.

Distilled at the highest standards with 46 levels of purification, Timberline Vodka is made in our dual-column, 2,000-liter pot still. Our expert distillers perfected the balance, adding just enough apple for a richness not found in other vodkas – sweet on the onset, mineral and crystalline in the middle and clean on the finish.

The water comes from glacier-fed spring water that originated up on the Coe and Eliot glaciers on Mt. Hood. We keep the minerals present which provide a brisk, epically clean finish that echoes its origins.

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