Trois Rivieres Ambre Rum

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Trois Rivieres Ambre Rum distiller notes:

A smooth, vibrant and fruity golden rum aged for a short period (12-18 months) in American oak barrels. These few months maturing in oak confers this rum its superb bright golden colour and develops its particularly mellow flavours. Trois Rivières Ambré is an excellent sipping rum, but can equally be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed. 



Rich with weighty notes right from the start. Savoury dried fruit - shrivelled raisins and dried prunes, warm leather and sharp woody spice, clove and mace, are complimented by sharp green apple and nectarine, with some sweeter fruity notes behind: sultanas and figs.


Light at first, but with a thick mouthfeel and weighty body. The sharp apple from the nose is joined by sweet and sour apricot, and bitter stones. Waves of brown sugar then roll in to provide a balanced sweetness, with nutmeg spiced baked apple and green leaves following.


Sweet and sour fruit, fading to green leaves and soft spice.


The nose is more savoury than expected, with lots of weight, but the palate gives us exactly what we want: a rich and well-rounded rum, with spice, sweetness and fruit.


40% alc

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