Tequila aging

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Where you shop for tequila will likely depend largely on where you live and your knowledge of tequilas. Depending on where you live, you may or may not have a decent selection of the different tequilas such as your Blancos, Jovens, Reposados, Añejos, Extra Añejos and Mescals. States bordering Mexico will generally have a greater selection than states to the north. With us being located in Southern California, and in prime position for an underground tunnel, we have a superior selection of the best premium and regular tequilas at any price. For those unable or unwilling to do their shopping in or around Mexico, we have brought the best tequilas to you in our online liquor store, at low market prices. Knowing something about the various types and brands can help you make smart purchasing decisions. If you have a question or are in need of some type of assistance, our staff is very well versed in tequilas, after all our name is Zeetequila, so why would you shop anywhere else? Nevermind, don't answer that. Enjoy our site, and drink responsibly. Salud.

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