Alquimia: The Pioneers of Organic Tequila

Alquimia: The Pioneers of Organic Tequila

Alquimia: The Organic Pioneers

Alquimia's founder, president and CEO, Dr. Adolfo Murillo, was born in the small town of Agua Negra, Jalisco, where his grandfathers raised their families as an entrepreneur and farmer, respectively. When Adolfo was born, he witnessed the care and attention his grandfather Abelino gave to his land, crops and herds to provide for his family and the community around him. He always said, “Take care of the earth, and she will take care of you.”

When Adolfo and his family moved to the United States, he continued to visit the family in Mexico during the summers throughout his childhood. He went to school in the States and eventually received his Doctor of Optometry degree. When his father was close to passing away, Adolfo and his wife convinced him not to sell the ranch but to keep it in the family. Adolfo’s father agreed not to sell it if Adolfo could find a way to make the land productive. Adolfo researched different crops and ultimately decided to grow agave, which had never been done before in this particular area of Los Altos de Jalisco.

Everyone thought Adolfo was crazy. They told him agave wasn’t grown in our area, so it would be impossible. The soil was dark brown, whereas tequila-producing agave is normally grown in soil that is deep red. So, in 1992, Adolfo conducted extensive soil tests and realized that with organic methods, growing agave could be done. He combined the modern science he learned in the U.S. with the traditional agricultural methods employed by his grandfather in Mexico to produce an organic protocol by planting the first crop of blue Tequilana Weber agaves in 1993 that would change the small town of Agua Negra forever!

The Murillo's, with the help of their local foreman, Luis Guzman, were not only able to grow agave in this rugged area of Jalisco, but were able to successfully grow some of the healthiest agaves many tequila experts had ever seen. Their agaves exceeded the average weight and sugar content of normal crops, and agave buyers from all around Mexico traveled to see what they had created. When Adolfo and his family realized their organic protocol was truly innovative and could help other growers produce high quality crops in an environmentally-friendly way, they began to share our process with others, which lead them to train hundred of farmers across mexico in organic farming of agave, avocados, strawberries and so much more!

After years of growing agave and selling them to different tequila companies, the Murillo's decided it was time to create their own tequila brand to honor the legacies of their ancestors, and demonstrate that a high quality product could be produced with environmentally-friendly, sustainable methods, without the use of toxic pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or any other artificial substances, a rarity for a tequila brand at that time, but with the high quality agave they were growing, it allowed the brand Alquimia to be born.

Alquimia bakes their agaves in traditional stone ovens slowly for 2-3 days. This gives the agaves complete caramelization of the sugars, without the bitterness which can result from cooking the agave too quickly. The cooked agaves are then shredded and mashed to separate the juice from the fiber. The juice is then fermented for 7 days with organic yeast before it is sent to stainless steel pot stills. The tequila is then distilled twice, to retain as much of the natural agave flavor as possible in the final tequila profile, then bottled as blanco, or sent to be rested in American Oak barrels (each aged expression is rested for different amounts of time thus resulting is distinct in distinct flavor profiles.) Alquimia adds no flavors or coloring to the different expressions, in order to maintain a high quality product that reflects the care of our organic methods and all natural process to produce each of their exceptional tequilas. All Alquimia tequilas are USDA certified 100% organic, which is important to recognize because not all organic tequilas are created the same way. Their inspection is awarded the highest ratings in the certification because they not only utilize organic methods and ingredients, but they also compost the green matter as much as possible after each harvest by leaving the agave leaves in the soil after the jimador's harvest the pina to act as a natural mulch.

Over the course of the Dr. Adolfo Murillo and his families journey to create Alquimia Tequila, they have been awarded many special recognitions and awards for their efforts, both for the high quality tequila and their organic methods. Dr. Adolfo Murillo has been recognized as the “Pioneer in Organic Tequila” by leading tequila experts, as he was the original developer of the organic method movement, while educating growers about their protocols.

We really hope you give these fantastic tequilas a try! From the earthy and floral blanco to the robust, sweet and spicy extra anejo, all expressions are fantastic and truly one of our favorite and most recommended brands. Everytime there is a new lote we cannot wait to open our bottles to experience this remarkable tequila, from one of the most knowledgeable, nice and caring producers!

Jul 19th 2021

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