What is Tequila?

What is Tequila?


According to the NOM-006-SCFI-2012 Mexican Standard, Tequila is defined as:

“Regional alcoholic beverage distilled from must, directly and originally prepared from the material extracted in the factory premises of an Authorized Manufacturer which shall be located within the territory specified in the Declaration for the Protection of Appellation of Origin Tequila (also called the Denomination of Origin Tequila – DOT). Tequila is prepared from the heads of the Agave Tequila Weber Blue Variety, previously of subsequently hydrolyzed or cooked, and subjected to alcoholic fermentation with yeast, cultivated or not, and the must be capable of being enhanced and blended together to formulate with other sugars to a ratio not higher than 40% of total reducing sugars expressed in units of mass, as terms set forth by the NOM, being understood that blend mix is not allowed. Tequila is a liquid which, according to its kind, is colorless or colored when mature o when it is softened unripe.”

Tequila’s name was adopted from the region that gave birth about two centuries ago.

Apr 18th 2022 CRT

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