5 Sentidos

5 Sentidos Madrecuixe Agave Spirit 200ml

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5 Sentidos Madrecuixe Mezcal 200ml 

5 Sentidos Madrecuixe from Tio Tello was initially released as a California-only batch of Madrecuixe (A. Karwinskii). It is one of the first batches made by master palenquero Eleuterio Perez Ramos that Cinco Sentidos has exported to an international market. Eleuterio, who is also known as “Tio Tello,” harvested the ripe agaves in Miahuatlan de Porfirio Diaz, Oaxaca. Post harvest, he roasted the agaves in a conical oven with mesquite firewood for at least four days. After cooking the agaves, Tio Tello, along with friends and family members, chopped the agave into small pieces with a machete, and then mashed them with large hammers made of mesquite in a wooden trough. Once mashed, Tio Tello allowed the mash to ferment with well water in cypress sabino tanks. He then distilled the fermented mash in a single copper alembic style still at his small palenque in El Nanche, Oaxaca. Adjusted with heads, hearts and tails. The California-only batch was approximately 200 litres, distilled in April 2014, and bottled January 2021.


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