5 Sentidos

5 Sentidos Puntas Agave Spirit

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5 Sentidos Puntas Agave Spirits  750ml

Eleuterio "Tío Tello" Perez and his son Eduardo “Lalo” produced this batch at their palenque in El Nanche, Oaxaca. Eduardo set aside a high proof blend of Espadin cuerpo (body) and puntas (heads), a mix he refers to as punteado, which he generally would use as a base spirit that would later be proofed down with colas (tails). We were able to bottle this expression as-is, with no addition of tails, thus giving us the chance to learn more about how an unblended high-proof Espadin tastes prior to dilution. The care and effort made by Eleuterio, Eduardo and the rest of their family shines bright within this spirit. Imagine tropical and herbal flavors that are both captivating and harmonious,


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