By The Dutch Batavia Arrack Indonesian Rum 750ml

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By The Dutch Batavia Arrack Indonesian Rum 750ml

By the Dutch began in 2015 to tell a story of tradition and craftsmanship to the world with reintroducing traditional Dutch distillates.

The Netherlands historically plays a leading role in the world of fine spirits. The Dutch were the first to master the art of distillation from agricultural products, as well as the first to spread their technology internationally.

The By the Dutch portfolio has taken influence from the former routes of the VOC & WIC to create their portfolio. Education, transparency, and craftsmanship are of paramount importance at By the Dutch.

In 1619, the Dutch founded a permanent colony in Java, at Jakarta, which they renamed “Batavia.”

The Dutch financed a Chinese-manned sugar industry. Cane grew beautifully in Java, but the natives had no interest in pressing out and crystallizing the juice. Distillation is carried out using very traditional pot stills, adopting ancient Chinese distillers’ methods.

The fermentation process includes the addition of wild yeast, which grows on a local red rice. This sets it apart from rum, although the base material is still 100% sugarcane molasses.

48% alc 

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