White Lion Arrack

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  • White Lion Arrack
  • White Lion Arrack
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Product of Sri Lanka
Shortly after its discovery, alcohol distillation was quickly copied by multiple countries in Asia and the Middle East. Each country created a uniquely-flavored spirit with native ingredients, but named their spirits with phonetically similar spellings of the same word (arak, arrack, raki, araka, etc.)
Marco Polo commented about this wonderful spirit in his 13th century travelogue, Il Milione, forever documenting arrack as the legendary predecessor to nearly every new world spirit.
Handcrafted by refining 700 years of knowledge handed down from generations of master blenders, VSOA is a premiere blend of single and double-distilled spirits mellowed 2 years in Halmilla barrels.
One of the world's first, and widest variety of distilled spirits.

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