Cinpatrazzo Amaro Liqueur

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Cinpatrazzo Amaro Liqueur  750ml 

Cinpatrazzo is CIN for Cindy; PAT for Pat; and RAZZO, the Italian word for rocket and the name for arugula. Pat has been an Amaro enthusiast since his college days in Florence, Italy. During one of their trips to Italy, Cindy and Pat encountered an Amaro that eclipsed nearly all of their vacation highlights. After returning home to Chicago, however, they came up dry in their quest to find anything approaching the digestif delight. So they began experimenting with botanical herbs and other products found in Italian gardens. Finally, after a year of trail and error, they hit upon a combination of 19 ingredients that sparked rave reviews. 

Aromatic, smooth and inviting, this new, all-natural standard in the amaro category blends enjoyable herbal lightness with a subtle, delectable flavor that offers lingering citrus and coffee notes with a harmonious flavor profile at the fornt, middle and back of the mouth. Handcrafted with passion, honoring timeless Italian traditions and utilizing the finest quality botanicals/ingredients. A trace amount of hazelnuts are used in the production of this liqueur. 

Gold - San Diego International Spirits Competition, 2018

Gold - Los Angeles Spirits Competition, 2017

Amaro of the Year - New Year International Spirits Competition, 2018

Bronze - San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2019

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