Cuentacuentos El Barro Espadin Mezcal

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Cuentacuentos El Barro Espadin Mezcal  750ml

Cuentacuentos El Barro began as a project to create an alternative to the “low ABV, watery, tasteless well mezcals” found in bars across the US. This 46% alcohol by volume maguey Espadin mezcal is first distilled in copper and then distilled a second time in clay. Mezcalero Ricardo Ruiz is from a mezcalero family in Sola de Vega, but he distills this mezcal in Santiago Matatlán. The founder of Cuentacuentos and Carlos Mendes Blas convinced Ricardo to help install four clay pots in the Matatlán distillery. That way they could do the first run in copper and then finish the mezcal in clay in 30 liter runs. Given the efficient production practices, this release aims to meet the same price point as most mezcals found “in the well.


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