Divino Maguey

Divino Maguey Destilado con Tamarindo & Chiles Mezcal

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Divino Maguey Destilado con Tamarindo & Chiles Mezcal 750ml

The word mezcal comes from the Nahuatl metl (maguey or agave) and ixcalli (cooked); It is a spirit drink that arises from the fermented must of this plant. Mezcal is distinguished from other distillates by its characteristic smoky aroma and flavor. This is the result of cooking the agaves in ovens made on the ground and covered with river stones. . Espadín, this being the most common in the elaboration of mezcal.

Tamarindo: It is a tree with a hemispherical crown that reaches up to 25 meters. Tall. Its leaves are bipinnate and its yellow and red flowers. The fruit is a brown pod containing 2 to 6 seeds. At maturity, the tamarind shell becomes brittle and separates from the pulp, which is characterized by being very acidic. It has unique nutritional properties, thanks to its content of tartaric and citric acid, a large amount of vitamins and a very high fiber content, almost as much as coconut. Consuming it is a natural way to obtain the nutrients our body needs, which is why it could be considered an excellent multivitamin food supplement.

42% alc. vol.

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