Divino Maguey

Divino Maguey Tobala con Pina Mezcal 750ml

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Visually: Clean and bright

Aromas: In its primary aromas, citrus and fruity notes are subtly perceived.

Taste: Pineapple followed by sweetness and herbal notes. Finally, the taste of agave is perceived with a slight earthy tone.

The word Tobalá is composed of two Zapotec words, "toba" means maguey and "la" means hot or aromatic and is well known as "The King of Mezcales". It is not easy to find that type of wild maguey that is located in the mountains, often on rocky cliffs and slopes with difficult access. In addition, its size is very small and that means that to be able to produce mezcal you will need a large number of magueyes.

This is a 100% Mexican product, in its ingredients and processes. Remember that in the purchase of this product you support the Mexican countryside and the preservation of our traditions.


47% alc/vol 

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