El Zacatecano Reposado Mezcal

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  • El Zacatecano Reposado Mezcal
  • El Zacatecano Reposado Mezcal


Lot.001A   40% alc 750ml

Distillery El Zacatecano was founded in 1910 in the state of Zacatecas by Aurelio Lamas Correa, in the small community of Huitzila region were the Azul Tequilana Weber agave grows. The company since its inceptions has maintained the traditions of their original founder.

El Zacatecano, as the first distillery in the state, started as a small family business with and unbreakable devotion to quality. Now whit a 100 years of tradition in the making, El Zacatecano quality has only become better than ever.

A hundred years of experience has not only given us unsurpassed quality, it has giving us the delicate bouquet that only the most experienced can demand.

Hundred yeas that guarantee you that only the most knowledgeable hands select the agave. Hundred years of dedicated work by the most jealous guardians to look after the entire distillery process to extract that incomparable and delicious taste that agave can give us.

The land of Zacatecas it’s a blessed and generous land that has given us the mezcal. But in land of mezcal…El Zacatecano is simply the best!

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