Erstwhile Mezcal

Erstwhile Tobala Mezcal

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Erstwhile Tobala Mezcal 750ml

Master Mezcalero: Juan Hernández Méndez

NOM: NOM-0496X

Agave Varietal: Tobalá

Scientific Name: Agave potarorum

Town / Municipality: Santiago Matatlán

State: Oaxaca

Fermentation: Natural, Open-Vat Fermentation in Wood

Still Type: Copper Alembic

Date of Distillation: December 2017

Number of Liters in Distillation: 525 Liters

ABV: 44%

Tasting Notes: Banana, cooked maguey and adobo on the nose. Quince and vanilla on the tongue, with the lingering lovely round sweetness of caramel. The slightest hint of spiciness and hot smoke.

This mezcal always makes us think of dessert, and would make a fabulous after-dinner digestif with dessert or on its own. Banana foster, creme brûlée, banana pudding ... The possibilities are endless.

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