Erstwhile Mezcal

Erstwhile Espadin Mezcal

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Erstwhile Espadin Mezcal 750ml

Master Mezcalero: Silverio García Luis

NOM: NOM-0162

Agave VarietalEspadín

Scientific Name: Agave angustifolia

Town / Municipality:  Rancho Blanco Güilá, Santiago Matatlán

State: Oaxaca

Fermentation: Natural, Open-Vat Fermentation in Wood

Still Type: Copper Alembic

Dates of Distillation: August 2017; March 2018; May 2018

Number of Liters in Corresponding Distillation: 1447; 1197; 997 

ABV: 48-49%

Tasting Notes: Butterscotch, black tea, banana, and roasted maguey.  A little sweet, a little creamy.  Savory, spicy, and peppery, in a way that reminds us of smoked meats and Texas style barbecue.  Followed by lingering, resonating notes of ash and soft smoke on the palate.  

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