Fuego Y Humo

Fuego Y Humo Tepeztate Mezcal

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Fuego Y Humo Tepeztate Mezcal 750ml

Tepeztate (Agave marmorata)

Maturation: 20-30 years

Sourced wild in the hills of Oaxaca, all caponed

Rested for 1+ year before bottling

Handcrafted in the village of San Dionisio Ocotepec, Fuego Y Humo's wild tepeztate has sweet herbal notes on the nose with distinctive green, fresh, and earthy aromatics common to most marmoratas.

On the palate, it will awaken your taste buds with pops of spearmint, jalapeño, green peppers, vanilla ice cream, and cucumber. In a blind tasting, you'll definitely identify this one out of the group.

Overall, sweeter and more rounded than a tepeztate's typical sharp, more defined flavors, this one carries José's signature lactic and creamy taste throughout.


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