Don Amado

Don Amado Tepeztate Mezcal

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Don Amado Tepeztate Mezcal 750nl

Don Amado Tepeztate is made with maguey Tepeztate (Agave marmorata) by the Arellanes brothers in Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca in clay pots.

Don Amado’s mezcaleros carefully handcraft all of their mezcals from 100% mature highland agave plants. After roasting the hearts of these premium agaves in wood-burning earthen pits, the plants’ treasured juices are distilled in traditional Oaxacan ceramic-and-bamboo pot stills. This unique distillation method gives Don Amado mezcals their distinctive smoky flavor and herbal bouquet, while proudly honoring a sixteenth-century production tradition native to the state of Oaxaca.



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