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Hampden Pagos 100% EX-Sherry Cask Jamaican Rum

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Hampden Pagos 100% EX-Sherry Cask Jamaican Rum 750ml

Founded in 1753 Hampden Estate has been distilling rum for almost three centuries in the Trelawny Parish, historically known as the grand cru of Jamaican rum, Renowned throughout the world for its full, intensely flavorful rums. Hampden Estate has always produced quintessential, heavy pot still pure single rums, using unique methods that guarantee its remarkable aromas and truly exceptional taste Taking its name from the Spanish word used to describe plots of vineyards in the Jerez area, Hampden Estate Pagos is the first bottling in the distillery's history to be exclusively aged in sherry casks. Like the world's most aromatic whiskies, such as those produced on Islay. the Jamaican rum embraces perfectly with the Andalusian wine's notes of rancio without being overpowered by them, leading to a completely new profile of aromas. It is the perfect bottle to appeal to rum enthusiasts and fans of sherry cask single malts alike.

Profile: Generous, exotic and well-balanced.

Nose: Refined and typical. Wax, chocolate, apricot, sugar cane, Russian leather, mango and passion fruit.

Palate: Fine and racy. Petrol, star anise, clove, chocolate éclair and num baba.

Finish: Balanced and persistent. Cocoa, citrus fruit, ripe apricot, quince jelly, noble wood and spicy notes.


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