Kujira 10 Years Old Ryukyu Whisky White Oak Virgin Cask 700ml

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Kujira 10 Years Old  Ryukyu Whisky White Oak Virgin Cask 700ml 

Distilled by Masahiro Shuzo, one of the oldest and largest distillery in Okinawa, Japan. KUJIRA Ryukyu Whisky 10 years was distilled from 100% Indica rice, and mashing with “black Koji”, an unique koji that could only be found in Okinawa. Matured in White Oak Virgin Cask for more than 10 years. Non chill filtered and non-colored.

Tasting Notes:

Soft butter caramel sauce with licorice and baked bread flavor. Charming spices such as clover and cinnamon enrich the taste.

Long finish of spices, with a slight pleasant bitterness balancing the sweetness.

White Oak Virgin Cask

Masahiro Distillery


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