Los Dos Carnales

Los Dos Carnales Blanco Tequila

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Los Dos Carnales Blanco Tequila  750ml

Tequila Los Dos Carnales was born from the passion and shared vision of two brothers, determined to create a drink that fuses tradition with a modern touch, in perfect harmony with today's world.

As members of a family of three generations of farmers, Diana and Sergio have known since childhood the meaning of cultivating with love and dedication, a fact that served as inspiration for them to create a product derived from this family tradition but taking it to the next level.

With enthusiasm and courage, they began this project with little knowledge but with an immense desire to transcend. Today, every drop of this tequila is the result of their joint effort, from the plantation to the delight on your palate.

At Tequila Los Dos Carnales, we believe in the strength of teamwork, gender equality and inclusion. These values ​​are present in every stage of our process, always guided by the highest quality standards.

We do not deny that the path has been full of challenges, but each obstacle overcome has strengthened us. Today, we are proud to share with you a little piece of our project: Entre Carnales!

Thank you for joining the Tequila Los Dos Carnales family, we invite you to experience the growth of this dream come true up close.

Together we toast to a future full of success and growth!


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