Mal Bien Mezcal

Mal Bien Arroqueno Mezcal

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Mal Bien Arroqueno Mezcal 750ml

Mal Bien Arroqueno is made by the father-son duo Felipe and Ageo Cortes, who have been producing for brands like Mezcaloteca (Mezcalosfera) for many years.

Mal Bien Arroqueno is made with agave Arroqueno that are cooked in an underground oven for 8-10 days with the following types of wood: Encino, Yegareche, Mesquite, and Palo de Aguila. The agave are allowed to rest for 5-7 days after the cook, before being milled by ox drawn tahona. The milled agave are fermented in open air tinas for 3-8 days and then double distilled in a copper refrescadera still.

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