MalaSanta Mezcal

MalaSanta Mezcal Tobala

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MalaSanta Mezcal Tobala 750ml

One of the smallest wild agaves, it grows at around 5000 FT elevation on dry rocky soils on the southern mountains in Oaxaca and it takes about 15 years to be fully mature. It needs the help of animals such as birds and bats to spread its seeds, making it harder to locate in the mountains. Very fresh and aromatic, tones of wood, straw, wild grasses and sweet tones with a hint of spice.

Agave Species: Agave potatorum

Age of Maguey: 15 years

Elevation: 1700 meters (5577 feet)

Roast Duration: 5-7 days

Type of Wood: Oak

Milling: Molino, Horse

Size of Tinas: 1400 L

Fermentation Duration: 6-8 days

Water Source: Spring

Still Type: Copper


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