Milpa Ambar

Milpa Ambar Whiskey De Maiz 700ml

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Milpa Ambar Whiskey De Maiz 700ml 

This elegant distillate captures the full flush of ripe ancestral blue corn grown on the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Biosphere Reserve, highlighting the complexity and verve inherent to crops grown with respect to seasonality and biodiversity.

Heirloom corn whiskey produced in Cuicatlán, Oaxaca

Fifth-generation maestro destilador Alex Krassel

Made from 100% local heirloom blue corn, 50% malted (on site) and 50% unmalted

The malted and unmalted corn are naturally fermented in separate wooden tanks made from local pine

Each mash is separately distilled twice in an alembic copper pot still

Distillates are blended before entering barrel

Aged for a minimum 3 years in refill bourbon barrels

Aromas of esquites in crema, fresh corn husk, and orange flower water introduce a palate of ripe corn kernels sautéed in butter with accents of corn silk and a hint of violets and bitter greens on the finish. Exceptional.

Non-chill filtered;


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