Pal'alma Puebla Paplometl Copan Agave Spirits

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Pal'alma Puebla Paplometl Copan Agave Spirits 750ml

Maestro Mezcalero: Asunción Matilde Vargas

Produced in Puebla, Mexico

100% Papalometl (A. potatorum)

Harvested capón (reproductive stalk cut to concentrate sugar in the heart) for less than 1 year

Cooked in a conical earthen oven & milled by hand with axe

Fermented in a suspended rawhide sack

Distilled just once using a hybrid ‘Filipino style’ clay & wood tree trunk still with a copper coil condenser

Aromas of fresh leather, milk chocolate, red clay, dried cherry, and sun-dried tomato swing into deep roasted honey and tobacco leaf on the palate with faint notes of wet hay and barnyard lingering far into the finish.


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