Palomas Mensajeras

Palomas Mensajeras Maguey Chino Mezcal

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Palomas Mensajeras Chino Mezcal  750ml

Palomas Mensajeras Chino is made with Agave cupreata in the lake-side community of Oponguio, Michoacán. This is a product of maestro vinatero Don Miguel Perez Resendiz and his sons Miguel (jr) and Melltón. The agaves are cooked in an underground pit oven and milled by a mechanical shredder that the family made from a converted 1978 Dotson car engine. The agaves are then fermented with open air wild yeasts in earthen pits that are lined with oak planks. Finally the agave is distilled in a Tarascan (aka Filipino) still.

The first batch of this imported into the US was distilled in March of 2019 and aged in glass for 4 years and 3 month


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