Parejo Sotol

Parejo Juan Fernandez Lechuguillla Ensamble

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Parejo Juan Fernandez Lechuguillla Ensamble 750ml

The Master of the Agave

Juan practices the increasingly rare tradition of distilling lechuguilla. In the majestic town of Madera his process is true to his ancestral traditions. He shares with us that the wisdom to prepare lechuguilla is an art of patience. He explains that “Capar,” the Agaves months in advance in preparation, is one of those acts of patience that distinguish lechuguilla. Sotol is added to aid in the fermentation of the distillate. Juan has worked to refine his processes over time and is constantly inspired to make each batch better than the last one.

Distilled in Madera, a city located in the northwest of Chihuahua, at an altitude of 6,900 feet above sea level, this area is known for its coniferous forest vegetation. Its high altitude provides a cool subtropical climate, with humid summers and cold and dry winters.


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