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Quiquiriqui Tobala Joven Mezcal Artesanal 750ml

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Quiquiriqui Tobala Joven Mezcal Artesanal 750ml

Made in Las Margaritas, Oaxaca by Don Petronilo - Production is limited to protect the wild agave population. Tobala are smaller than many cultivated agaves and have flat broad leaves. They like to grow in shaded steep high altitude places making them hard to harvest. They take approx. 10-15 years to mature and yield is much less per plant than more common species.


Made using the traditional techniques of pit roasting, tahona and natural fermentation in wood this mezcal is a single batch release due to the type and scarcity of the wild tobala agave. so enjoy it while you can.

Tasting Notes

We think Quiquiriqui Tobala has coconut and floral hints on the nose, the palate is complex tropical fruits, light smoke and buttery popcorn, ending with a clean mineral finish.


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