Russian Warship

Russian Warship Go F*CK Yourself Vodka

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Russian Warship Go F*CK Yourself Vodka 750ml

With those words, 12 young soldiers sealed their fate and showed the world that Ukraine was not going to disappear under a tyrant’s boots.

And when Pravda Brewery saw their country being invaded, they stopped brewing beer and started making Molotov cocktails. On each bottle they added this label you hold in your hands. A label that shouts their defiance before the wick is even lit.

With the permission and encouragement of Pravda Brewery, we created this vodka to support the people of Ukraine in their struggle. Proceeds from the sale of this bottle go to well vetted charities that serve victims and refugees of this senseless


For the people of Ukraine the struggle continues.

Support them today.

Made in USA , California


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